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Staging Tips for any Homeowner
February 18th, 2018

Here are my tips for getting your home stage ready for selling.

Living Room: 
1. Remove unnecessary furniture.
2. Pull Furniture away from the wall.
3. Replace dark curtains with lighter colours.
4. Group smaller, like kind art together.
5. Remove or tuck all cords and wires.
6. Pack away family portraits.
7. Store away old magazines.
8. Add a long narrow rug in empty walk-ways.
9. Hang the largest art work on the largest wall.
10. Add a nice coffee table book.

Dining Room
1. Remove table leaves in table to enlarge area.
2. Properly set dinner table.
3. Hang light coloured floor to ceiling curtains.
4. Open blinds to let in natural light.
5. Use 100 watt light bulbs for more light.
6. Bring in house plants to add life and colour.
7. Bring light into dark areas with lamps. 
8. Add mirrors for more light and open up space.
9. Consider leaving a wall bare.
10. Wall art should be hung at eye level.

1. Remove most items on counters.
2. Add bowl of fruit for colour.
3. Stain or paint dated cabinets.
4. Replace old knobs and hardware.
5. Remove all items from refrigerator.
6. Add new backsplash to add personality.
7. Buy a new faucet to replace an old fixture.
8. Repaint any bold or loud colors.
9. Clean all windows inside and out.
10. Fix or replace any leaky faucets.

1. Remove TV and any other entertainment items.
2. Fresh white textured linens on beds.
3. Add new pillows and throw pillows.
4. Be should not be pushed in corner.
5. Clear out bookshelves and built-ins.
6. Pack away 50% of the stuff in the closet.
7. Hand clothes in groups and face same direction.
8. Use all the same hangers in closet.
9. Transform "themed rooms" into neutral rooms.
10. Clean and pack away most toys.

1. Put away toothbrushes and all toiletry items.
2. Hang new, white towels. Hang in thirds.
3. Apply new caulking around bathroom.
4. Put away wastebasket.
5. Add new bottle of handsoap on counter.
6. Roll small towels and place on counter.
7. Clean around and behind toilets and bathtub.
8. Hang new shower curtain.
9. Always keep toiled seat and lid down.
10. Fix and squeaky doors and drawers.

1. Clean and paint door.
2. Add new attractive house number.
3. Pack away any shoes or coats by front door.
4. Add a new welcome mat to entryway.
5. All doors should open and close easy.
6. Clean and Shampoo carpets.
7. Don't hide belongings in closets and corners.
8. Make sure any signs of pets are stored away.
9. All windows should open and close easy; and be clean!
10. Clean and dust ceiling fans and light fixtures.

5 Tips for Selling a Home in Winter
January 19th, 2018
It may seem that everyone is hibernating for the winter, but Buyers are still out house hunting in the colder months.  There are several benefits of Selling in the winter. First there are less homes on the market that you are competing against and second Buyers that are looking at real estate are serious.  This may be more advantageous to get an offer on your home sooner then later.

Here are my 5 tips:

1.  Warm and Welcoming 
As a Seller you want to take create a warm welcoming feeling. There is nothing worse then taking my Buyer's to a home that is freezing.  Buyers are often in a rush to get warm that they may overlook some of what a home has to offer.  If the home is vacant, keep the heat on a timer so the property is warm during the showing times. 

2. Lighten Up
It is essential to ensure each room is well lit during the darker months.   Table and standing lamps are quick fixes to a dim room.  

3. Highlight seasonal features
Winter months can bring a nostalgic feeling to many.  Capitalize on the emotions of Buyers by having the fireplace lit, arrange some plush throws and fluffy cushions on the sofas.  Maybe have some seasonal scents in the air.

4. Show off your landscaping in photos
To help prospective Buyer's look beyond a winter's snowy or brown lawn, help them envision what the home can look like in the spring and summer months by displaying photos of the house taken when things were green and blooming.  As your listing agent I will make listing presentations incorporating these photos.

5. Clear the way to a sale
Make sure that your driveway, walkways and porch are safe from snow and ice.  Not only from a safety concern but so that Buyer's can have a relaxed and welcome feeling upon their arrival.  First impressions are everything.

If you are thinking of Selling your home please feel free to contact me for a free market evaluation.

Michelle Ng

Michelle Ng
Michelle Ng
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